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Question 1

Which type of Everyday Greeting cards are the most popular?

Get Well
Based on Year 2001 figures of Everyday Greeting cards 60% of the cards purchased were Birthday cards, 8% were Anniversary, 7% Get Well, 6% Friendship, 6% Sympathy and the balance of 13% were other types of everyday cards.

Question 2

Which type of Seasonal and Holiday Greeting cards are the most popular?

Valentine´s Day
Mother´s Day
Ground Hog Day
Based on 2001 sales a total of 61% of Seasonal cards that were sold were Christmas cards, 25% were Valentine´s Day, 4% Mothers Day, 3% Easter, 2.5% Father´s Day and 4.5% were other Seasonal greeting cards.

Question 3

Which five types of Greeting cards account for over 96% of seasonal card sending?

Chistmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Mothers Day and Fathers Day
Christmas, Valentine´s Day, Easter, Mother´s Day and Fourth of July
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Labor Day and Mother´s Day
Christmas, Valentine´s Day, Mother´s Day, Easter and Father´s Day
The five most popular card-sending holidays account for over 96% of individual seasonal sales

Question 4

Can Promotional Products distributors custom imprint Christmas cards?

Your Promotional Products distributor has a wide array of Christmas cards that can be custom imprinted with a company or organization´s name on the greeting card.

Question 5

Are there Christmas cards that also have a calendar that can be custom imprinted?

There are many Christmas and Holiday cards that have a calendar that can be custom imprinted with a company or organization´s name.

Question 6

Are there Thanksgiving cards that can be custom imprinted?

Thanksgiving cards are a most thoughtful way to give thanks to ones customer´s, suppliers and other organizational help. People tend to receive many Christmas cards but few if any Thanksgiving cards. Hence a Thanksgiving card sendt out by a business or organization tends to have a greater impact than a Christmas card.

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