Promotional Products Frequently Asked Questions

What are these promotional products, anyway?

What are some of the most popular promotional items?

How can I use promotional items to increase my business?

How can I effectively use promotional products?

What are some of the advantages to using promotional products?

Are there any problems I could encounter with promotional products?

Should I use promotional products along with other sales tools?

Do stress balls really work as promotional products?

Do people really collect promotional pins?

What types of pet accessories make good promotional products?

Why are napkins great promotional items?

Aren't custom promotional products just for business and industry?

What kind of bag makes a good custom promotional product?

Should I think about bumper stickers to advertise my business?

Why is a calendar pad a good custom promotional investment?

How do I design a custom promotional product?

What are some unusual custom promotional products I can give away?

What services do custom promotional product professionals offer?

Can I get a calendar pad to fit on a side table or telephone table?

Why do so many people advertise on bumper stickers?

Is it possible to create a trendy yet stylish bag to promote my business?

Can I create my own custom promotional product campaign?

Why do magnets make such great custom promotional products?

Should I use magnets as computer giveaways?

How can I pick the right imprinted promotional product?

Is apparel a good promotional product bet?

Are pens an inexpensive but lasting promotional product?

Should I use coffee mugs to get my message across?

License plates are everywhere, but are license plate frames a good advertising idea?

When should I order my imprinted promotional product?

Why are insulated travel mugs so popular and so useful?

What other types of writing instruments are available for imprinting besides pens?

What kinds of hats can be imprinted?

Are collectible license plates good advertising ideas?

Can I give a gift in my client's name?

Is a business card holder really necessary?

Why should I hand out calculators as business promotional items?

What are planners, and why does my staff need them?

Can I imprint USB drives with my logo and company info?

Do thank-you promotional items really foster goodwill?

Why are planners memorable business gifts?

Accountants use a calculator, but who else could use them?

What the heck are USB drives?

What is a business card holder?

What should I look for when I buy my business promotional items?

What do people prefer when they receive high-end business promotional products?

What are some unique promotional products?

What should I look for when I choose luggage tags as a gift?

Are massagers good promotional gifts?

Can I get wallets that will be perfect for all my customers?

What's a bag clip?

Can you imprint a music download card?

Can a promotional products professional help me find unique promotional products?

Should I use imprinted products as incentives for my employees?

Why are magnets on bag clips a great idea?

Should I give my staff massagers?

What's a music download card?

What are some of the best summertime promotional products?

Should I include a small bottle of sun tan lotion with my products?

Why are sun visors and other wearables walking billboards?

How can I show my customers I really care about their needs?

How can I help my customers enjoy summer sporting events?

Why is sun tan lotion important for future health?

What's cool now in promotional products?

How can I share the costs of my trade show promotional products?

Why is candy a good shareable?

Are flash lights good gifts for female clients?

What is a good gift for my clients who live and work in a dry climate?

Should I include a mouse pad in new-hire packages for my company?

Should I send out pre- trade show mailers or gifts?

How can I get a long message out to my customers on an imprinted product?

What is a shareable?

How can I say "thank you" to my customers?

How can I increase my booth traffic at my next trade show?

What is a sewout and why do I need one?

Are golf tournaments good promotional opportunities?

What are some unique and different golf accessories?

How can I really grab the attention of golfers and golfing fans?

How do I reach the golfing market with my promotional product campaign?

What is a good golfing gift that will last longer than balls or tees?

Are golf hats and shirts a good promotional investment?

Do coupons really bring customers back?

Why should I include kids in my advertising promotion?

Can I create custom lanyards for my employees to wear with their I.D. badges?

Can I imprint kitchen towels for my gourmet clients?

How can I bring back disgruntled customers to my business?

What's an employee gift basket?

Should I use a toy like a yoyo in training and team building exercises?

How do beach towels appeal to the entire family?

What is a laniard and why is it important for employee security?

Should I use promotional logo items to announce a name change?

How are promotional logo items priced?

Can I capitalize on the current interest in poker?

Why should I think about giving membership cards to my special, valued customers?

What is a customer loyalty card?

What are some of the benefits of offering a membership card to my customers?

Do I really need to hand out a customer loyalty card to my best customers?

Should I hand out Frisbees to dog owners?

Can I organize local card tournaments and hand out imprinted playing cards?

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