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Do people really collect promotional pins?

Promotional Pins are Hot!

Hat pins, scarf pins, decorative pins, collectible pins, logo pins, destination pins, they are all hot! People love to collect pins on their hats and shirts and some people will go out of their way to find just the right pin to add to their collection.

If you want people to remember your business for months instead of days or weeks, then place your logo on a collectible pin, and watch those promotional items simply fly out the door. Even better, people love to show off their pins, so you'll be reaching an entire new market every time collectors wear and share their pins.

Why are napkins great promotional items?

Beverages are Your Bag? Think Promotional Napkins!

From tea to coffee, wine, beer, and everything in between, everyone drinks something every day. To capture their attention at bars, restaurants, clubs, and just about anywhere they can plop down a glass or can, think promotional napkins. They come in small, cocktail sizes to big (he-man sizes).

Napkins can be used for both food and drink and they often go home with customers who scribble notes, addresses, and phone numbers on the back of their napkins. So, napkins make great promotional items that leave a lasting impression.

What are these promotional products, anyway?

What are Promotional Products?

Remember that handy imprinted calendar you keep on your desk, the pen you "borrowed" from your local dry cleaner, and the keychain you've been using for years? They all have imprints or logos reminding you of businesses you use. Those are promotional products! They stay in your mind and in use long after you visit the business, and that's just what they're supposed to do.

*39 percent of people polled remember the businesses advertised on these nifty little items as long as six months after they've received them.

How can I use promotional items to increase my business?

Promotional Items Can Increase Business

When you pick a useful promotional item that people will use again and again, it can help you increase business. People remember where they got their favorite items and every time they pick up or look at that item they automatically think of your business. That's advertising exposure over and over for one small price.

Luckily, there are promotional items to fit any size business and budget, so there's no reason not to order promotional items and start increasing your business right away.

Are there any problems I could encounter with promotional products?

Some Cons of Promotional Items

There are a few cons to some promotional items. If you're in the market for a new and exciting item, make sure it's big enough to hold your logo or message. Some are just too small to be effective for some advertising.

If you don't have artwork ready, it can take several weeks to create the artwork, place the order, and then receive the items. Finally, it's up to you to distribute the items, so you should have a good plan for getting them in the right hands once you have them in yours.

What are some of the most popular promotional items?

The Most Popular Promotional Items

Did you know that advertisers spent over $15.6 billion dollars on promotional items in 2002? Yes, promotional items are big business, and you can capitalize on it! Some of the most popular promotional items with consumers and advertisers are clothing items like hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, followed by pens and writing instruments, and calendars.

Other popular items are desk accessories (like paper, sticky notes, calculators and such), coffee mugs and glassware, followed by tote bags and other bags. So you can choose from many popular items that really represent your business and your customers' needs.

What types of pet accessories make good promotional products?

Pets are Consumers, Too!

The pet industry is one of the fastest growing markets in America today. People love their pets! They pamper their pooches and pusses with tons of pet accessories, from fancy food and custom-made clothing to rough-and-tumble toys. You can appeal to your customers and their pets if you keep them both in mind when you hand out your promotional products.

Pet accessories like collars, toys, coats, beds, and food dishes are great pet accessories to keep in mind when you plan your next promotional products order. Pets and their owners will keep on thanking you.

How can I effectively use promotional products?

Using Promotional Products

Let your imagination run wild when you think about marketing your business with promotional products. They make great business gifts, but you can also build employee loyalty and morale with promotional products. You can also use them to enhance advertising campaigns, and to introduce a new service or product.

*Promotional products have all sorts of uses for the savvy business owner, and they are popular with customers, too!

Do stress balls really work as promotional products?

Stressed Out? No Way!

Stressed out customers? No way! Maybe you're in a business that serves stressed out clients. Are you a masseuse, or a computer tech? Do your customers come to you seething and leave remarkably less stressed? Give them a gift that will help relieve stress!

Hand out stress balls as promotional items so your clients always remember who can lighten their mood and the stress of the day! These handy little items are fun, really useful, and will make your clients think of you just when they need you the most.

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