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What is a laniard and why is it important for employee security?

What's a Laniard?

What are laniards? A decade ago, they weren't nearly as common as they are today. Essentially, they are the things that you wear around your neck to display security badges or employee I.D.'s. Today, many more companies are requiring them.

Is one of your clients concerned about security in their business? Are they thinking of implementing I.D. cards for all employees? You could target them with imprinted laniards with your logo, and supply them to all employees at this company. Just because employees have to display their I.D.'s, they don't have to do it in a boring, non-descript way. Supply sporty laniards to your clients, and they'll remember you every work day.

What's an employee gift basket?

Employee Gift Baskets

Sure, gift baskets are for your great customers, but they can help build employee morale and goodwill too. Studies show that happy employees are more productive, sick less often, and more positive on the job.

Keep employee morale up by rewarding their work with an employee gift basket. You could include office-type items like coffee mugs, mouse pads, note pads, calculators, day planners, and other gifts -- all imprinted with the company logo, of course!

Should I use a toy like a yoyo in training and team building exercises?

Training With a Yoyo

Corporate training is bigger than ever. Many trainers are discovering that, to get their trainees really motivated and involved, they have to make training more fun. Using an imprinted yoyo in training is one way to get trainees to enjoy themselves.

Incorporating play into training makes it more effective and everyone loves to play with yoyos! Using a yoyo in team building is also a way to get the group to interact together. In addition, it's a way to get trainees on their feet and moving during a long and intense training session. An imprinted yoyo is low in cost but big in results when it is used in effective training and team building.

How do beach towels appeal to the entire family?

Beach Towels for Beach Bums

Even if you don't live or work near the water, beach towels make great imprinted gifts. They are big enough to carry a big message, and people use them all the time, from swimming or sunning at home to camping, traveling and visiting their favorite beach!

Kids love beach towels because they can use them for play, too. They can become superhero capes, princess "gowns," and even forts and tents. So, beach towels appeal to the entire family. Beach towels are also affordable. If you are in any kind of swimming or water-sport business they make sense. They target your customers quite effectively, and that means more exposure of your business (where it really will do the most good).

How can I bring back disgruntled customers to my business?

Creative Promotional Products

Many people think of using creative promotional products to add to and improve business. However, there's another use for these products. You can use high-quality and creative promotional products to bring customers back to your business.

If you've lost a customer because of poor customer service, long delivery times, or any number of reasons, you might want to invest in some creative promotional products designed to say "I'm sorry." Delivering these products in person really helps with the "we want you back" message and it shows that you really care about keeping customers happy. So, if you want to get back some of those disgruntled customers, invest in some promotional products that create goodwill and trust.

Can I create custom lanyards for my employees to wear with their I.D. badges?

Lanyards for Employees

Security is extremely important in businesses today, and many companies are issuing I.D. badges to all their employees. If your company requires employees to wear their employee identification badges around their necks while they are at work, then you probably supply a lanyard with the I.D. badge. Why not create imprinted lanyards with the company logo on them, or in your company colors?

Lanyards can be imprinted quickly and affordably. If you must supply them, why not supply them in style? These would also be great to include in a new-hire package when you hire new employees!

Can I imprint kitchen towels for my gourmet clients?

Kitchen Towels for the Cook

Towels make great, long-lasting promotional gifts. A lot of people think of beach towels or hand towels when they think of imprinted towels. However, there are so many more options available now that you can be creative.

How about giving out kitchen towels to all your gourmet clients? Everybody needs good kitchen towels and your clients are no exception. Choose decorative, pretty colors and imprinting for better results. More and more people are cooking these days and outfitting their kitchens with new appliances and gadgets. If you give them useful kitchen towels, as they cook, they will think of you and your business and come back for more supplies (and free towels, of course).

Do coupons really bring customers back?

Creative Promotional Products Beat Coupons

Coupons may provide an incentive for some but creative promotional products have them beat hands down. Studies have shown that consumers respond better to creative promotional products than they do to coupons. Customers who receive creative promotional products tend to reorder more often, reorder in bigger quantities, and generally stay more loyal to the business who hands out these goodies.

Instead of printing and handing out coupons to your customers, think about creating some unique promotional products for a better and bigger return on your advertising dollar!

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