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How can I say "thank you" to my customers?

Dry, Chapped Lips? No Way!

One way to make your shop more memorable is to hand out small, imprinted gifts to customers when they leave the store. You can set up a small bowl filled with something customers would really appreciate, like lip balm.

Place lip balm by the cash register and watch how many people will take a tube of lip balm. You'll show you care and your customers will remember you because of it. People love to get something free, and your business will benefit. Lip balm is a low-cost way to say "thanks for being here."

Are flash lights good gifts for female clients?

Light Their Way Home

Flash lights are great gifts that last a long time. They make an especially good gift for your female clients. If you can find a flashlight that is small enough to fit on a key ring or in a purse, so much the better. Flash lights mean safety to women, and a gift like this tells them you are concerned about their safety.

Flash lights make great thank-you gifts to any of your customers that have to work at night or in unlighted areas, such as in construction or as plumbers, electricians, etc. We all appreciate a little extra light and we appreciate the business that gives us some, too!

What is a shareable?

What's a Shareable?

You know about wearables, but what are shareables? They are a big trend in imprinted promotional items, too. A shareable is something, usually food or snacks of some sort, that can be shared by the entire office or company. For example, a big box of candy that everyone can share.

Shareables promote a feeling of goodwill throughout the entire office and can really help promote your business to a large number of clients all at once. Who says candy is bad for you? It can't be bad when it's shareable!

What is a good gift for my clients who live and work in a dry climate?

Don't Get Lippy

If you live in a dry climate, you'll understand immediately how effective a little gift of lip balm can be! Dry, arid climates promote dry skin and dry, chapped lips. If your customers have to work outside, then they probably would appreciate a gift of lip balm with your name on it. Lip balm is small enough to mail in a direct mailer, too. That means you can reach more people who will need and appreciate your gift.

A tube of lip balm lasts for quite a while, so your customers will remember you each time they reach for some quick lip relief! When you think of promotional gifts, personal gifts are some of the most popular and lip balm is a personal and considerate gift that fits just about everyone.

What is a sewout and why do I need one?

Request a Sewout

If your trade show promotional product includes custom embroidery or a logo transfer by your product vendor, request a "sewout" before your order is complete. This is a sample of how your embroidery will look on the item you've chosen. You can see the actual size and color how the logo will appear, and make any changes before the order is complete.

*Sometimes, it is surprising to see how small a logo can look on a small item. Requesting a sewout can give you a real idea of what your finished product will look like, before it's too late.

Should I include a mouse pad in new-hire packages for my company?

A Mouse in the House

Mouse pads have become the inter-office bulletin boards of the 21st century. Just about everyone who uses a computer needs a mouse pad. These little pads do more than just make a mouse run more smoothly. In one quick glance they tell about a person's interests, likes, dislikes, and favorite things.

If you send out an imprinted mouse pad to computer users they'll use them, they'll enjoy them, and your message will reach their co-workers, too. Mouse pads are bright, fun, and eye-catching so they make great incentives for your own employees as well. You could include a mouse pad in the new-hire package for each employee as a way to welcome them to their new job.

How can I get a long message out to my customers on an imprinted product?

Mice Need Homes, Too

People pamper their pets, so why shouldn't they pamper their mice, too? Computer mice don't eat much, but they do require a nice "pad" where they can hang out. A mouse pad is more than a gift. An imprinted mouse pad is a tool just about every office worker needs today.

There's a big advantage to giving away an imprinted mouse pad—it's larger than many other giveaways, so you can really broadcast your logo or message loud and clear. So, if you have an important message that's a bit long on words, think of broadcasting it on a mouse pad.

Why is candy a good shareable?

Sweet Promotions

People love candy, especially chocolate. Candy makes an especially effective shareable gift because a lot of people don't buy or eat candy on their own. However, they will eat some when it's offered to them as a gift. That's why so many companies are using candy as a shareable office gift.

In an imprinted box or bag, candy is easily identifiable and you can even have the individual candy or bar imprinted with a logo. As this imprinted candy makes its way around the office, more people will share and see your logo as they spread the "sweet" word. Candy is a sweet way to spread your message and create goodwill with your customers.

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