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Is it possible to create a trendy yet stylish bag to promote my business?

Bag Ladies Rule

Custom bags rule the fashion scene today. Everybody seems to love designer bags, so why don't you design your own custom bags for your business? Most people love something free as much as they love something fashionable. Design a cute, trendy tote with your logo on the side, or create a mini bag for wine, fruit, cosmetics, jewelry, or anything you can think of.

Incorporate your logo into the handle, the clasp, or the side of the bag you design, or you can even put a tag inside that will make your clients think of you every time they open it up. Beautiful bags can really help promote your business.

Can I get a calendar pad to fit on a side table or telephone table?

Calendar Pals

Calendars are hot now, and Americans spend millions on them every year! Save your customers some money by handing out wall calendars or calendar pads that they can use the entire year. Make sure you give them plenty of room to jot down important dates and times. Also make sure that your calendar always prominently displays your name, address, and a short message about your business.

Since so many people also carry date books or "day-timers" around with them, another handy calendar pal might be a monthly separator or bookmark designed to fit in a date book or notebook. Just about everyone needs a calendar pad by the phone too, so don't overlook a small pad that will fit on a phone or end table easily. Attach a pen, and you've made life easier for just about everyone!

What kind of bag makes a good custom promotional product?

Bags, Bags, Bags

Everybody has to tote their stuff around in bags of some sort. Shopping bags, fabric totes, gift bags, jewelry bags, drawstrings, plastic handles, satchels—the list goes on. And have you noticed that most bags carry a logo or symbol?

Creating your own custom promotional bags gives you more exposure and makes your customer's lives easier, too. You can create a custom logo for your bags, or simply place your name and address on the side of each one. People recycle bags more and more these days, so that means your promotional bag will get attention more than once.

Why do magnets make such great custom promotional products?

Magnetic Rewards!

Who doesn't have a refrigerator or other appliance in the home with at least one magnet? Magnets are decorative, but they are also handy reminders of everything from trash and recycling days to who cleaned your carpet the last time and where you can get the best take-out for dinner.

Just about every company can use magnets as custom promotional products because they are small, easy to hand out, and customers really do hang on to them. Just check out any refrigerator in the neighborhood, and you'll see why these are some of the best custom promotional products for your business.

Why is a calendar pad a good custom promotional investment?

Day-to-Day Reminders

What desk doesn't have a calendar or calendar pad? Doodles, notes, appointments, and special dates all end up noted on the desk calendar pad. Because we always have to know what day it is, they are a great opportunity to show off your logo and business 365 days a year.

Calendars are some of the most routinely popular custom promotional products handed out. Just about everyone uses them, and when they do, they'll think of you and what your business has to offer.

Should I think about bumper stickers to advertise my business?

I Brake for Bumper Stickers!

Remember those bumper stickers that said "I Brake for Animals?" etc., etc. You do? That's the point! If your custom logo was on a bumper sticker right now, some motorist would be reading it and thinking about your business!

Bumper stickers are cheap to produce, last a long time, and are almost always in front of someone. That's why bumper stickers never go out of style as a reliable and affordable custom promotional product.

Why do so many people advertise on bumper stickers?

Bumpers are our Friends

Bumpers, what would we do without them? They save us from injury in minor car crashes and they serve as motorized advertising platforms, too. People just love to look at other people's bumper stickers.

Bumper stickers also end up in dorm rooms, in windows, on buildings, and just about everywhere (that makes bumper stickers a great investment for the advertiser looking for a way to reach a lot of people with a small investment). Bumper stickers are fun, but they make great advertising sense, too.

Aren't custom promotional products just for business and industry?

Schools Rule with Custom Promotional Products

People think custom promotional products are just for businesses, but that's just not so. Non-profits, institutions, even schools and libraries can benefit from handing out custom promotional products.

Studies by Southern Methodist University showed that handing out the right product at strategic locations around campus was much more effective in generating interest in students than advertising in the student newspaper. So, custom promotional products are for just about everyone and everything!

Should I use magnets as computer giveaways?

Your Magnetic Personality

There's one thing you should think about when you create your custom promotional product. If you're in the computer business, you might think twice about handing out magnets. While most magnetic advertisements don't end up in a client's computer room, they could.

Sometimes people forget, but magnets (especially bigger, stronger ones) can mean death to a disk or hard drive. So, save the magnets for the kitchen, and hand out handy desk items like sticky notes, pens, and calendars that will make any computer geek happy.

What are some unusual custom promotional products I can give away?

Off the Wall Custom Promotional Products

Most custom promotional products seem practical and are useful just about every day of the year. However, if you want to be really memorable, then try designing a really off the wall product that will truly get inside the heads of your customers.

What kind of promotional products are unique? What about things like customized flip-flops for your beachcombers on the go, or a gourmet vegetable peeler from your farmer's market booth. How about a safety light for the trucker who has just about everything, or a mini-bag of treats for the family Fido? If you think about things differently, you'll come up with some long-lasting ideas for your best custom promotional products.

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