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What are planners, and why does my staff need them?

Planners Help you Keep Organized

Just about every business person has a planner of some kind at home and/or at work. These planners help keep them organized at work and at play, and make sure they never miss a meeting or a phone call.

Imprinting planners for your own staff as an incentive for a contest or event is a great business booster. You can hand out these items to your clients, and keep your staff more organized and efficient at the same time. Now that's advertising dollars really well spent!

What's a bag clip?

Clip your Chips!

Don't you hate it when you only consume part of a bag of chips or snacks, and the rest go stale? Well, your clients do too! Luckily, handy little bag clips exist that you can use to seal a bag and keep the contents fresh.

Bag clips simply clip over the edge of a folded chip or snack bag. They are simple, but oh-so-effective. So, imprint one of those handy little bag clips and hand them out to customers. These are fun promotional products, and they are really useful.

Do thank-you promotional items really foster goodwill?

Say Thank You With Business Promotional Items

Did you know that handing out business promotional items can promote goodwill with your customers? Studies have shown that customers appreciate promotional items much more than mere thank-you letters. And, the right business promotional item makes customers feel warm and fuzzy about your company and your sales reps.

Business promotional products give you an edge over competitors. Customers who receive business promotional products generally feel better about the promotional company over the company's competitors. So, give a real ‘thank you' to your customers, and give them something that says you care.

What do people prefer when they receive high-end business promotional products?

What Some Recipients Prefer

When you hand out high-end business promotional products, studies show recipients prefer a more subtle advertising imprint. For example, if you hand out luxury items like briefcases or luggage to some of your clients, make sure your imprint is less conspicuous than it would be on a smaller ticket item.

On more expensive items, make the logo tie into the item and make sure it doesn't look garish. If it calls too much attention the recipient may not use the item and your message simply won't get across to anyone—that's not advertising money well spent!

Can I give a gift in my client's name?

Promote Your Clients with Business Promotional Products

There's a new twist on gift-giving! Today, it's all the rage to give a gift to a charity or non-profit organization in the name of your customers. For example, during the holidays, your company could imprint toys or clothing for underprivileged children, and give each one in the name of one of your clients.

Let your clients know that you are donating a gift in their honor. This sharing of business promotional products is a wonderful way to share the joy of the season with those less fortunate and your clients at the same time.

What should I look for when I choose luggage tags as a gift?

Luggage Tags for the Frequent Flyer

Unique promotional products will help customers and clients remember your business even more effectively. Today, there are so many products that can be imprinted, it's a cinch. You'll find one or two that are fun, memorable, and really stand out from the crowd.

Have you thought about giving an imprinted thermometer or barometer to advertise a HOT new product or service? How about passport cases for your overseas travel customers, or camp stools or chairs for your outdoorsy clients? There are literally hundreds of new and unique promotional products available. When you think of promotional products, think of unique gifts that are both fun and functional.

What the heck are USB drives?

What's a USB Drive?

What are USB drives? Just the hottest thing in computer storage to come around in a long time! USB drives are tiny, removable "disk drives" that can store tons of information, and go anywhere you or your client goes. Look closely, and you'll see them hanging off just about every computer geeks keychain.

USB drives are portable, lightweight, and have so many uses for storing data, swapping files, and uploading data that they truly boggle the mind. Imprinting these little treasures and handing them out as business promotional items is becoming so popular. They are great advertisements, and really useful.

What's a music download card?

Downloads for Free

Did you know you can imprint a music download card as a promotional tool? Music downloads are hot now and giving some free tunes will certainly make your customers remember you. These cards can be prepaid for a few (or a whole lot) of songs, and the customer can use them to download free tunes to their computer or I-Pod.

Music download cards make great gifts, and they are thoughtful because your customers can use them to download whatever type of tunes they like to hear. Thoughtfulness pays off when it comes to promotional products, and these cards make you look (and sound) just great!

Can I get wallets that will be perfect for all my customers?

Show me the Money!

Money, who doesn't want it? As much as we all want it, we also want somewhere stylish to carry it. So, handing out wallets (even if they are just filled with play money) is a fun and outstanding way to make your promotion shine.

You can choose wallets for men or women, and anything from leather to fabric to nylon. You can also choose children's wallets that will make your little customers feel just like grown-ups. Wallets are inexpensive ways to make your business look like a million bucks!

Can you imprint a music download card?

For the I-Podder with Everything

Downloading music is so popular that it has spawned an entirely new industry. One of the hottest trends with the music crowd is a prepaid music download card. They make great promotional gifts for computer enthusiasts, musicians, teens, and just about everyone in between.

The cards are handy, and you can get them in many different denominations, making sure they are imprinted with your logo and message, of course! The music download card makes a great incentive gifts for employees, too. Everybody loves a little free music, and they'll thank you for thinking of their musical tastes.

What is a business card holder?

Hold that Card!

Business card holders are handy items for just about anyone who carries a business card. They are small, flat, and will hold several business cards inside. They are easy to carry and keep your business cards organized and neat. They also keep them from getting dirty or bent in a pocket, wallet, or purse.

A business card holder is a great promotional item because lots of people don't even know they exist, so they are a novelty. However, this novel item has a very real and important purpose, too. To top it off, they make a professional look even more organized and professional.

Should I use imprinted products as incentives for my employees?

Wallets as Incentives for Sales

Who won't thank you for a full wallet? Your employees certainly will! So, don't forget your employees when you think about promotional products. If you want to show your employees you care, choose a unique promotional product they can use and will remember.

If you're running a sales contest, make one of the prizes an imprinted wallet they can use to hold all the cash they make during the contest! Wallets are always useful, and your employees will thank you for giving them something to fill up and use again and again.

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