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Why are sun visors and other wearables walking billboards?

Walking Billboards

What are walking billboards? They are wearable items, like sun visors, with YOUR name on them! There are tons of different wearables but hats have always been the most popular. However, many people don't like baseball-type hats, and prefer sun visors. These sun visors can be imprinted with your brand or logo, and turn your message into a walking billboard every day.

Visors are especially popular with athletes and outdoorsy people, so think about your clientele and what they wear. Sun visors may be the perfect advertising decision for your business.

How can I show my customers I really care about their needs?

Keep Cool with an Insulated Bottle Holder

What's worse than a hot summer day and a warm bottle of soda or beer? Not much, unless it's an insulated bottle holder without your name on it! Insulated bottle holders help keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot, but they can do more than that. They show your customers that you know their summertime routines, and you appreciate their needs.

An insulated bottle holder would be especially nice for people who work outside all day, and people who commute long distances. They're great for the kids in the back seat, too!

Should I include a small bottle of sun tan lotion with my products?

Protect Your Outdoor Staff with Sun Tan Lotion

Does at least some of your crew work outside all day? Today, just about everyone knows the sun can be dangerous in large doses. If a lot of your staff or clients work outside in the sunshine all day, it's a great idea to help them protect their skin by supplying sun tan lotion in imprinted containers.

Giving out suntan lotion shows employees and clients that you care about their health and well-being, and helps promote goodwill with your staff and clients. Including a small sample bottle with bathing suits, outdoor gear, or even sporting event tickets would be a thoughtful gesture, too.

Why is sun tan lotion important for future health?

Why Sun Tan Lotion is so Important

Sun tan lotion is an important part of summer fun. Studies now show that prolonged exposure to the sun's rays can lead to skin problems and even skin cancer in later years. One thing that can help protect the skin is a high-SPF sun tan lotion. So, handing out imprinted sun tan lotion bottles is more than just an advertising tool. It is also promotes better health in your customers.

*Doctors, pharmacies, and other health professionals might want to hand out small bottles of sun tan lotion to their patients as a gesture of health and caring.

How can I help my customers enjoy summer sporting events?

Keeping Cool at Sporting Events

Sports are a big part of summer fun. If you want to help your customers really enjoy their summertime sporting events, invest in some promotional products that promote fun in the sun and keeping cool at the same time.

How about a sun visor to deflect all those rays with your name on it? Sun visors can help protect eyes from glare and give your customers a better view of their outdoor events. Now that's a considerate way to protect and promote at the same time!

What are some of the best summertime promotional products?

Cool Promotional Products are HOT!

Summertime is a great time to use cool promotional products to promote and advertise your business. The kids are out of school, families are taking vacations, and everyone is trying to keep cool. Summertime is fun time so you might want to develop a fun ad campaign that includes some cool and very practical summer items with your logo on them, such as:

• Sunglasses
• Sandals
• Beach towels
• Sun tan lotion
• Insect repellant
• Umbrellas

You get it—the list goes on and on. So, when the dog days of summer hit, help your clients survive and thrive with some very cool promotional products!

What's cool now in promotional products?

What's Way Cool in Promotional Products?

What was cool last year may be cold this year, so check with your promotion professional to find out what's the coolest in cool promotional products this year. Right now, USB drives are totally cool for the computer fanatics in your life, and wearables are always hip.

There are some new items, like barbecue aprons, cook's jackets, and chef's hats that are getting trendy. Seasonal promotions are always a hit (ummertime promotions with fun items or holiday promotional items like ornaments and decorations, candles, and even your own personal picks on holiday music CDs). Stay with the trends and give your customers and clients things they'll enjoy!

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