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Can I organize local card tournaments and hand out imprinted playing cards?

Cards Aren't Just for Casinos

Sure, most players know that casinos hand out free decks of playing cards. Some people collect those cards. Other people don't frequent casinos, even if they are nearby, so handing out imprinted playing cards still makes sense.

If your business has anything to do with games or toys, it makes sense for you to hand out playing cards to your customers. You can also create local card game tournaments and use your imprinted cards during the tournament. Many local groups, like the YMCA and Boy's and Girl's Clubs, would love to have tournaments. And, you could also organize them at local libraries. The summer months are the perfect time for these kinds of events because kids are out of school and parents are looking for ideas to keep them active and having fun. Local card tournaments are one way to use your imprinted items and add to the community, too.

Should I hand out Frisbees to dog owners?

Dogs and Frisbees are a Perfect Pair

Did you ever notice how Frisbees and dogs just seem to go together? Big dogs, little dogs, from pedigrees to mutts, they all love to play Frisbee with their owners. So, a great way to recognize your customers that own dogs is by handing out Frisbees to them. That way, they can get outside and have some fun with their pooch, and they'll get a good look at your logo while they do.

Pets are big business these days, and rewarding their owners with imprinted items like Frisbees just makes good sense. Dog owners love to play with their dogs, and their dogs love to play with Frisbees, so you make both dog and owner happy at the same time!

Do I really need to hand out a customer loyalty card to my best customers?

How do you Reward Loyalty

There are many ways to reward those customers who really support you and your business. It's always a good idea to say thank you and let customers know how much you appreciate them. One way is with a customer loyalty card. You can imprint these cards with just about everything, and loyal customers can use them to get discounts on items, or to buy a certain number of items and then get one free.

A loyalty card is a very small price to pay to say thank-you. And, you may pay an even higher price if you never take the time to say it.

What is a customer loyalty card?

Customer Loyalty Cards

A customer loyalty card is like a membership card, but is different too. A customer loyalty card is usually only good for a specified time, and it rewards customers who come back again and again. A loyalty card may include a place for the cashier to punch it whenever the customer buys something, like a cup of coffee. When the loyalty card is full of punches, the customer gets a free item, like a free cup of coffee.

Loyalty cards are very common and most people carry them in their wallet or purse. Many people will make a special trip to the merchant because they love to get something FREE! A customer loyalty card is just another way to say "thank you for your business," and they make good sense for many merchants.

Why should I think about giving membership cards to my special, valued customers?

Gift Membership Cards Bring Rewards

People like to belong to something so you might think about offering an imprinted membership card to your valued customers. The membership card could entitle them to discounts on certain items, special priority sales events, and other rewards for their patronage. A membership card could also be used to gain admission to special events, or used for discounts with other participating merchants.

There are really infinite ways to reward your customers with a membership card. Whatever you offer, they should know that because they are a member, they get rewards the general public does not. A membership card doesn't cost much, but it really pays on in customer loyalty and feelings of goodwill toward your company.

How are promotional logo items priced?

Pricing of Promotional Logo Items

As with most purchases, promotional logo items are priced by the quantity you buy. The more you buy, the more the price goes down. For example, 100 t-shirts could cost you as much as $20 apiece with printing, but 1,000 t-shirts might only cost you $5 apiece.

Many vendors will charge a set-up fee to set up and print your logo or message. Find out about any of these extra fees up front before you order your product. Also, look for the best quality you can afford. It won't pay if your product is shoddy and ends up in the trash.

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