Dogs and Frisbees are a Perfect Pair

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Should I hand out Frisbees to dog owners?

Dogs and Frisbees are a Perfect Pair

Did you ever notice how Frisbees and dogs just seem to go together? Big dogs, little dogs, from pedigrees to mutts, they all love to play Frisbee with their owners. So, a great way to recognize your customers that own dogs is by handing out Frisbees to them. That way, they can get outside and have some fun with their pooch, and they'll get a good look at your logo while they do.

Pets are big business these days, and rewarding their owners with imprinted items like Frisbees just makes good sense. Dog owners love to play with their dogs, and their dogs love to play with Frisbees, so you make both dog and owner happy at the same time!



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