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Is apparel a good promotional product bet?

Clothing Makes the Person

You see them everywhere...imprinted t-shirts, hats, aprons, , with a creative design, will keep your clients wearing them long after you give them away.

Wearable apparel is one of the most popular types of promotional product, which is something to keep in mind when you design your promotional campaign. Think about different types of apparel, like jackets or even footwear to really make your message stand out from the crowd.

What kinds of hats can be imprinted?

Hats Off!

When you think of imprinted apparel, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is the ever-present baseball hat. It seems that everyone wears these hats at one time or another, so they are the perfect medium for just about any advertisement or logo.

Don't get stuck in a rut when thinking about apparel for the head. There are many other styles of hats, from panamas to Stetsons, that can be stylishly imprinted with logos and messages. Think outside the hat box when you think about imprinting, and you'll really make your message stand up and be noticed.

How can I pick the right imprinted promotional product?

Picking the Right Imprinted Promotional Product

It's not a good idea to choose your imprinted promotional product simply by price. Instead, you should choose an item that matches your business and your client's business and goals. For example, if your clients are mainly doctors, it would be a good idea to hand out pens (for writing on patient's charts), and pre-printed prescription pads or note pads.

Choose promotional items that your clients use daily and, when they do, they see your business name and what you do. Think about what your clients need, and meet their needs with your imprinted promotional product!

License plates are everywhere, but are license plate frames a good advertising idea?

Framed Again

The popularity of custom license plate frames is astronomical. You see them for just about every sports team, car dealer, and business around. And face it, you read them while you're waiting at a traffic light!

License plate frames are a good promotional product. Every car has to have license plates, so every car is a potential client, and you reach many more people who read and remember your logo on other license plate frames.

What other types of writing instruments are available for imprinting besides pens?

Inky, Dinky, Do

Pens are some of the most popular imprinted promotional products, but there are certainly other writing instruments that will make the grade with your customers, too. Besides pens, think of highlighters, makers,and pencils. You might also want to look into designer, upscale pens that are more than writing instruments but specially balanced and comfortable as well.

Many people enjoy the touch and feel of a well-balanced and fine pen so, for those special customers, think of fine writing instruments to reward them for their patronage and make them remember you and your business throughout the year.

When should I order my imprinted promotional product?

Ordering the Imprinted Promotional Product

Don't forget to allow for production and design time when you first order your imprinted promotional product. Some companies can take up to eight weeks or more to produce your product. If you are looking to capitalize on a specific day or season of the year, take that into account when planning when to order your imprinted products.

Make sure you order far enough in advance to cover any delays or seasonal rushes. You should allow even more time if you have to wait for a graphic designer to create a custom design for your product, too.

Are collectible license plates good advertising ideas?

Plates You Don't Serve

These plates aren't for serving, they're strictly for seeing and believing! License plates are a necessary accessory for every car, so they are a real advertising bonus. Many states only require one plate, so custom license plates can be mounted in the other, open slot.

License plates are popular with collectors, with car enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, and just about everyone, so they make great gifts, and great lasting messages. License plate frames are also a great idea in states that require both a front and back plate. These frames should be large enough to be read easily and carry a short but memorable message.

Are pens an inexpensive but lasting promotional product?

Write On!

Come on, you know everybody uses pens! That's why you see so many of them imprinted with a company name and logo. Pens are inexpensive, and since people are always losing them, they are the perfect quick but lasting giveaway.

Choose brightly-colored pens with a real message to make them last in your customer's mind. Pens aren't the only writing instrument, either. Send out highlighters or markers to students, and they'll use them with thanks.

Should I use coffee mugs to get my message across?

Mugs on Mugs

It seems every street corner has at least one coffee shop, and that means millions of coffee mugs are getting filled every year! Mugs are another really popular imprinted promotional product because they can be personalized with pictures, mementos, or witty sayings.

If you want your promotional message to get read every day, think about placing it on a coffee mug, either a standard mug or an insulated travel mug. They are useful for your customers and make your message hot, hot, hot!

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