Sharing Costs of Trade Show Promotional Products

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How can I share the costs of my trade show promotional products?

Sharing Costs of Trade Show Promotional Products

Face it, attending a trade show can be a big expense, and so can handing out hundreds of promotional products at the trade show. It's very common for companies to team up at trade shows, sharing the cost of their booths and promotional items. In fact, they may hand out items with two logos, or give away two items with different logos.

However you handle it, it's a shared effort and your visitors will get twice the product and remember your booth even more. So, before you attend your next trade show, find out if one of your suppliers would like to share costs with you. It can reduce the cost of your trade show promotional products, and you both benefit!



2/26/2007 12:28:55 PM
Harper said:

Great tip, especially if you share a promotional item with a complementary business, it can increase the benefit for both businesses. And trade shows can be expensive, so reducing the cost is important.


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